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by Saket wali on deepamalik

Ma'am after meeting your good self I have been inspired to get back into sports. As you had seen I am overweight just did not have the right motivation, I have tried couple of times to start getting into shape but failed everyte me thinking about the end result which would be your own federation against you. After speaking with you and finding the kind of difficult you face and still keep moving on it is highly inspirational. Hope you have success in sensitising the people to paralympians. We will continue our fight on and off courts.
I will meet

by GURBAX SONI on deepamalik
ISB Event June 26, 2014

Dear Ms. Deepa,


I attended your session at ISB last evening. Post the session I interacted with you for a brief moment on stage during the 'photo session'.

Would like to remind you - " From being written off, to being most written about..."

Yes, and that is how I would like to title your journey. Alas yes, its only a title. Because what you shared yesterday with all of us, your life, is so precious and inspiring that one would need volumes to do justice to it.

Permit me to share something with you Deepa.

I am the proud son of my father - Major Brijinder Soni (NDA, IMA) - a man of integrity, character and high regard for life, a man who in his early years served the country, fought two wars (1965 & 71) and in the latter half of his life, gave his all to his family, blessed us with a beautiful life.

We lost him on November 8, 2013, to a shocking cardiac failure (an instant death, only deserved by angels). He was all of 70 years of age. His moving on has shattered me, as he was my WALL. I have no words to describe this loss. And I feel the most for my Mom, who dedicated her entire life to loving and taking care of him.

Until I met you yesterday. I learnt from your life that its not what you have lost/don't have that matters. Its how you make the best of what is left and what you can do with it.

I had been wallowing in self pity these past few months, unable to focus much on work and family, but after meeting you yesterday I realised I need to be celebrating life everyday. I was there yesterday with my beautiful wife (Meenu) who is someone I look upto as a human being and feel incredibly fortunate to have a life partner like her. So full of life and positivity. Just like you. Well now I know I need to get out of this negative mode and have new aims, new milestones to achieve, more love to give.

Thank you dear Deepa for helping me realise such an important aspect of life. I admire you and your courage. May you and your family be blessed always by Allmighty and may you continue to achieve greater heights in life, and contribute to society the way you have been doing thus far.

I salute you.

Lots of Love and Respect,

PS: I would be privileged to contribute in any way to Will on Wheels. Please let me know how I could make a difference.

by Gaurav Jain on deepamalik
Truely Inspiring

I attended a session by Deepa on motivation. The talk was really inspiring, practical and very relevant to the corporate as well as personal life. Her delivery method is so interactive that it keeps the audience fully engaged. I have learnt my lessons on adaptability, positive thinking, team work, converting the difficulties into opportunities, perseverance.

by Leena Biswas BikerGal on deepamalik
* Bravura *

One fine day when I was on my bike, Riding along with fellow Biker- friends, and I saw a lady full of Positive Aura around her, I cant forget her Sparkling smile reflecting her Strength . The amount of courage she display every time I see her is par excellence. Arjuna Awarded, Numerous records and countless achievements still such a simple and humble soul oohhh that is such a rare quality to be found. I am amazed with her Energy to fulfill all her duties at d same time. She is not only a Proud parent of beautiful two daughter and a loving wife to her husband but also a Biker n Sportsperson. "Hard-work n courage are key to success". Suits Best on Her. She is a Diva, Yes She is Deepa Malik . I Love you Mam

by AMOL JAITAPKAR on deepamalik

Congratulations! It is an awesome web site!

by Srinivasa Patil on deepamalik
Thank you for the information

The knowledge and information that I have learned in just a few short hours is priceless. Thank you so much for your help and info.

by Guruprasad Hegde on deepamalik
Uplifting and enlightening

Your presentation was uplifting, entertaining and enlightening. That’s a hard combination to achieve, but you did it with style and grace.